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FTC: Identity Theft Notice

  Two days ago, the FTC released a report that showed just how fast Identity Thieves can obtain and use your identity. The study consisted of the FTC posting fake IDs on websites popular with Identity Thieves. It took nine minutes before the information attracted attention. There were at least 1,200 attempts to use the fake identities and the attempts ranged from trying to buy pizza to online dating subscriptions.

The report also advocated the use of two-factor authentication. While it isn’t a perfect system, it does help. Two-factor authentication is a system that uses two forms of verifying your identity in order to alleviate the issue of “easy” identity theft. For example, to login into one account you would be required to enter your password and a code that is sent to your phone. This form of authentication has been long established in the gaming community and has seen a recent surge of use in other industries, such as banking.

There is nothing that can be done to make your identity totally safe from theft, and despite the hassle many feel using two-factor authentication it is one of the better ways of protecting your identity.

See the report here.


ValuNet’s Jacob went down to Soden’s Grove to show the students from Logan Avenue school our bucket truck during STREAM Day.

World Backup Day

March 31st is World Backup Day. Help make sense of what is a potentially confusing topic, we recommend this article:

The Beginner’s Guide to PC Backup

Remember that regular backups not only help recover from equipment failures, but also malware and ransomware.

Holiday Open House Prize Winners

Congratulations to all our Holiday Open House Prize Winners!

carol-fire johnny-fire
Carol, Kindle Fire Winner! Johnny, Kindle Fire Winner!
melissa-roku ken-smart-tv lee-gigabit siegmar-roku
Melissa, Roku Streaming Stick Winner! Ken, Smart TV Winner! Lee, Year of Gigabit Winner! Siegmar, Roku Streaming Stick Winner!

Solar Outages – Fall 2016


Due to “Sun Outages” some TV signals may experience degradation over the next ten-day period, from October 2nd until October 12th.

The interruptions do not affect all channels and are an unavoidable side effect of content providers using satellite down-links to distribute their TV Channels. The exact times and duration will vary and usually last for only 5 to 10 minutes occurring in the mornings and early evenings. To read more go to the following link:

Free HBO October 7th thru 10th


ValuNet customers can enjoy HBO for free from 6am Friday, October 7th to 6am Monday, October 10th. Viewers will be able to see the first two episodes of the new HBO series Westworld and the premiere of their widely anticipated comedy Divorce. They can also preview HBO’s movie lineup with Paper Towns, The Martian and Spy. Plus, HBO’s movie premiere of Ride Along 2. HBO channels start at channel 400. See what HBO is all about!



ValuNet customers can enjoy HBO for free from 6am Friday, July 15th to 6am Monday, July 18th. This weekend features the season two premiere of Ballers, the premiere of part 2 of The Night Of and the HBO premiere of Straight Outta Compton. Also, preview HBO’s movie lineup with Ted 2, Spy and Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. HBO channels start at channel 400. See what HBO is all about!

Data Extortion



Here at ValuNet FIBER we take the security of our customers very seriously. Recent events in the news from around world has prompted us to share some information that can protect you and your family from what the Department of Justice calls “Fraudsters”.

One of the more recent occurrences involves data thefts of personal information from websites. The information often includes name, address, phone number, credit card information and other personal data. The Fraudsters will use this information to extort money from their victim, often by threatening exposure to friends and relatives of the victim’s personal data. Sometimes the information that the Fraudsters use is simply the fact that the victim used a particular website at all, such as in the case of the Ashley Madison hack a few months ago.

Once the threat of exposure has been made the Fraudster will require a payment to keep them from revealing the information. More and more the preferred method of payment is in Bitcoin. A largely anonymous form of digital currency.

The department of Justice has released some tips on limiting your exposure and to help protect yourself from this type of crime:


TIPS TO PROTECT YOURSELF:     http://www.ic3.gov/media/2016/160601.aspx

  • Do not open e-mail or attachments from unknown individuals.
  • Monitor your bank account statements regularly, as well and as your credit report at least once a year for any fraudulent activity.
  • Do not communicate with the subject.
  • Do not store sensitive or embarrassing photos of yourself online or on your mobile devices.
  • Use strong passwords and do not use the same password for multiple websites.
  • Never provide personal information of any sort via e-mail. Be aware, many e-mails requesting your personal information appear to be legitimate.
  • Ensure security settings for social media accounts are turned on and set at the highest level of protection.
  • When providing personally identifiable information, credit card information, or other sensitive information to a website, ensure the transmission is secure by verifying the URL prefix includes https, or the status bar displays a “lock” icon.


It is recommended that should you become the target of this type of activity that you contact the FBI. Further, it is recommended that you do not pay the Fraudster as this perpetuates their behavior.

Congratulations to our Winners!


Congratulations to the winners of our Open House Drawing this past Saturday!
Troy Ochs – 32″ Flat Screen HDTV
Torri McDougal – Amazon Echo
Matt Howe – Amazon Kindle Fire

February 29th H2 will be renamed VICELAND


H2 will be renamed VICELAND on February 29th, 2016. With the name change will come a dynamic change in content. VICELAND will feature Lifestyle and Reality-TV shows aimed at millennials. Programing for the new channel will begin at 6pm with a two hour introductory special showing clips from their wide variety of new shows.

ValuNet Named Business of the Year 2015


Business of the Year Photo

Photo by Marvin M. Tajchman

ValuNet Named Business of the Year 2015

In January the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce named ValuNet Business of the Year 2015. Thank you to all our customers and the leaders of Emporia for supporting us and making this a possibility.  We hope that the relationship that we have worked so hard to build with the community continues to grow and make Emporia the best town in the Midwest.

“Our employees’ exceptional attitude and constant efforts to take care of our customers is what has made us so successful so quickly.” – Rick Tidwell, President of ValuNet