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$100 for you. $100 for your friend.

Introduce a friend to ValuNet FIBER. If your friend signs up for any package, you and your friend both get $100.00 in bill credits. Everyone wins! The more friends you refer, the more you can earn!

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We'll give your friend a call or an email with an invitation to sign up!

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Refer a friend to ValuNet Fiber


You and the new customer will begin to receive $10.00 off your monthly recurring bill for 10 months once service at the new customer’s location is installed.

Our associates have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep our customers and community members connected to what matters most. To express our gratitude and allow our team members time to relax and connect with their loved ones, we will be closing our office on Friday, Oct. 29. For 24/7 troubleshooting assistance, please visit myvalunet.com or call 620-208-5000. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.