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TV, DVR & Remote Help


Choose your remote type below to see help guides for that remote:

Backlit Remote

Backlit Remote

Big Button Remote

Big Button Remote

Willow Remote

Willow Remote

Backlit Remote: Basic Use

Backlit Remote: Guide to the DVR

Backlit Remote: Initial setup with your TV

Backlit Remote: Manufacturer Guide

Big Button Remote Programming Guide

Big Button Remote: Basic Use

Big Button Remote: Manufacturer Guide

Willow Remote: Basic Use

Willow Remote: Guide to the DVR

Willow Remote: Initial Setup with your TV

Willow Remote: Manufacturer Guide


Closed Captioning Tutorial

Controlling live TV

IPTV User Guide

ManageMy TV App – Android User Guide

My Settings

Parental Controls

Sign up for Watch TV Everywhere

Using the On-Screen Program Guide

Weather App

What’s Hot App

What’s On TV

Working With Favorites


DVR Quick Start

How to record a series on your DVR

Managing Your Recordings

Recording Programs & Reminders

Whole Home DVR Management Instructions